/* Inserted code for Thomas' Webtraxs */ /* end of inserted code for Thomas' webtraxs */ Magnetic Switches: Reed, Hall, Interlock: MagneLink. MagneLink manufactures and sells direct: Safety switches, interlocks, coded switches that are defeat resistant, position sensors for linear or piston cylinder applications. Our magnetic switches can be used in hands free operation of closet lights, etc.




Automatic Product Handling

Service Trucks

Door Position Sensors

Pantry/Closet Light Activation

Test Station Guards

Linear Motion Presses

Safety Interlocks

Feedback Position Sensing for Automated Systems

We Have Created What We Consider to be the Highest Quality, most Reliable, and Cost Effective Magnetic Switches on the Market....Take a few Seconds to See If You Agree

MagneLink has invested 20 years into developing and manufacturing magnetic switches. They can be found on compactors, elevators, factory automation equipment, semiconductor fabrication equipment, closet doors, trucks, and many other equipment applications.

Extend the life of your switches and reduce costly downtime for equipment maintenance by using a quality built MagneLink switch. Work with our Customer Service team that puts YOU first.

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